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VeeOne Health
A tailor made app designed to provide the best
patient and doctor interaction solution

VeeOne Health


UX Design, UI Design


United States of America



VeeOne Health is a Silicon Valley HealthTech startup based in San Francisco, CA. They provide end-to-end virtual care solutions to address the needs of patients, providers, and healthcare systems at every stage of the patient journey.


How to virtualize patient and doctor relationship

The current products already connect doctors, nurses and hospitals. Now the challenge was to create an app to connect the patient to allow treatment and care at the patient’s home.

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A tailor-made app designed to provide the best patient and doctor interaction solution

We did a Global Benchmark that lead to find some good and bad practices. The information collect ed, guided the new UX and UI design.

User interviews with nurses, doctors and users brought knowledge and valuable insights to the product.

The product was tailor made to patients and doctors in order to achieve great interaction experiences. aqui pode ser o video scroll da solução, ou várias imagens do design do app.


A deep dive into the health service blueprint and user experience

In terms of how the app worked, we broke down our healthcare services into subspecialties, categorizing them by family practice, specialty care, and second opinion.

Users could log in to the app, and they could choose one of those subspecialties. Based on how they answered our questions, they’d be able to choose a family practice, a general healthcare doctor, or a specific specialist.

They could also look for a second opinion. Different workflows existed for each of these options, and that was phase one of the project.

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Mentores worked on the design of our app, and VeeOne’s team worked on the programming, engineering, and development side. Using Figma and Whimsical, they created the UI/UX designs, wireframes, and mockups of our final high-fidelity designs.

For this process, we did a comprehensive competitive analysis report. We compared various apps and found out how we can differentiate our app from them. Mentores also looked at some international apps. We found a few differences, and this helped us formulate ideas for our international release.


Aylin Zafar
Marketing Director


What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

The interactive prototype simulated the entire app so we were able to experience the app from a user’s perspective. It was well designed, and it was clear and cohesive in terms of UI/UX.

We compared the designed app to our competitors’ apps. One of our key metrics was reaching the minimum number of screens and clicks for users to see a doctor, and Mentores provided us over 100 screens containing all of the workflows we needed. With some of our competitors’ apps, users had to go to dozens of screens before they could have a live consultation session or schedule an appointment.

What did you find most impressive about them?

The Mentores team was very easy to work with, and they were skilled when it came to designing. As a testament to that, they did a separate project for us where they designed our website. It looked so much better than our old one, and we received so much positive feedback from those who noticed it.


How did Mentores Digital perform from a project management standpoint?

Mentores met their timelines and delivered what we asked from them. We had weekly meetings, and they were quite responsive. The project manager and I worked in harmony to meet our deliverables in a timely manner.

Do you have any advice for potential customers?

I’d recommend Mentores to whoever is looking for design help, whether it’s for a website or an app.

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